Handknit Boyfriend Scarf

handknit boyfriend scarf

handknit boyfriend scarfSeed stitch (you know just alternating knit/purl stitches – tutorial here) makes such a nice pattern for menswear.  This boyfriend scarf is short, designed to be tucked under a winter coat, and he can even hide that little heart if he wants to keep it to himself :).

Though you could easily go with some fancy yarn as you don’t need much to finish this project, I went with an acrylic wool blend and it turned out beautifully.  The upside is that blend can be washed, because let’s be honest, winter can be sweaty business (though no match for Miami summers!).

The heart appears on both sides of the scarf so that the embroidery stitches keep both hearts on, and there isn’t a “back” side. A quick project to warm him up on the cold days!