DIY Diaper Changing Pad

diy diaper changing padI really wanted a quick, easy DIY project during my last pregnancy.  When I stumbled across laminated cottons, in all their adorable glory, I knew they were for me.  They don’t ravel, so you can cut and sew and be done with it – no turning, no pinking shears, no fancy hems. And they repel moisture, so you can get them wet/dirty and they clean up easy with just a damp cleaning cloth.

The options are endless for projects.  I made a custom-fit tablecloth, a water-resistant ipad cover, and this sweet little changing pad for our new baby.  This changing pad was especially easy:

  • cut a 21″ square of the laminated cotton
  • cut a 21″ square of coordinating felt (for the back)
  • line the two pieces up wrong sides together
  • sew a zig zag stitch around the entire edge
  • DONE!

I chose felt for the back for two reasons.  One was very pragmatic – I had a bunch in my stash.  The other reason was that felt is pretty non-slip on fabric surfaces.  Since we use the guest bed for our diaper changing station, this worked well for us.

If you have a hard surface, you might want to choose a fabric that is a little more non-slip.  For instance, the material that goes on the bottom of footed-pajamas or slippers. (Yeah!  You can buy that at the fabric store!).

Since there are just two layers in this changing pad, it’s very lightweight.  This makes it perfect for travel – just roll and go.  And travel-size versions would be especially useful for a new mom.