DIY Cloth Diaper Inserts

diy cloth diaper inserts

diy cloth diaper insertsWe are a cloth diaper household, a very happy one. The early days are so easy if you’re breastfeeding – just toss everything in the pail. But as those babies get bigger and start venturing into solid foods, it gets a little trickier to figure out how to handle the poop.

Like any new mama, I read and read and read. A diaper sprayer seemed unlikely to be useful in our tiny bathroom. I worried that toilet dunking would be too messy. And liners seemed a reasonable alternative, but flushables were out of the question for our 1950’s plumbing and septic tank.

But washable liners seemed realistic for our plumbing, a reasonable alternative to dunking the whole diaper, and economical. The question was, what material to use?

I ended up purchasing a yard of Babyville Stay Dry Fabric. I ran it through the washer and dryer (using my cloth diaper soap, and no fabric softener – just like I wash my diapers) to see how it held up: beautiful! Almost no shrinkage and NO fraying. So I cut 12″ by 5″ strips with a regular scissors, and started lining my diapers with them. They work LIKE A CHARM. Easy cleanup, in fact, the poop kind of rolls off of them, so I rarely even have to dunk. My diapers stay stain free, the wicking fabric keeps baby relatively dry, and we continue to be a happy cloth diapering household!





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