Crochet Pacifier Clip

Our littlecrochet pacifier clip one needed a new pacifier clip when the shoestring we were using (yeah, I know, questionable parenting) got lost on a recent walk.  Knowing we needed something that would “clip” better, I dug through the sewing box and pulled out a mitten clip.


Using a small crochet hook (size F) and some kitchen cotton yarn, I was able to crochet 5 single crochet stitches directly onto the mitten clip.  From there I just used half double crochets until it was about the length I wanted (roughly 12″), using a chain-one turn at the end of each row. In the last row, I did the following:

2 hdc
ch 15
skip stitch
2 hdc
finish off

I made sure to weave the ends in tight.  To attach the pacifier, I just put the whole chain loop through the little hole and then fed the entire length of the pacifier clip, including the clip, through the loop. We are ready to roll once again!

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