Crochet Bowl with Bias Trim Tutorial

crochet bowl with bias trim

crochet bowl with bias trim


I needed a sturdy little bowl as a catch-all for my desk, and came up with this lovely little design.  I used crochet over a clothesline to give it strength (and boy is it strong!), and then added a trim of 1/2 inch bias tape in a pretty floral print.




Want to make your own?  Here’s my basic pattern:

Hook size:  J
Yarn:  super bulky (or use two strands of worsted)

Round 1:  Begin with a magic circle, ch 1, single crochet (sc) 10 stitches in the circle, then slip stitch to close your circle.

  • Lay your clothesline on top of your yarn with a little hanging over.  You will make each single crochet over the clothesline so that you trap it in the stitch (see photo below).  stitch
  • As you move through round 1, you can tug the clothesline a bit so that the end gets tucked into the stitches.

Round 2:  Continue around by making 2 singlecrochet stitches in each of the stitches in your magic circle (total = 20 sc).

Round 3:  *2 sc in the first stitch, 1 sc in the next stitch* – repeat around (total = 30 stitches)

Round 4:  *2 sc in the first stitch, 1 sc in the next stitch, 1 sc in the next stitch)* – repeat around (total = 40 stitches)

Rounds 5-10:  1 sc in each stitch (40 stitches)

Finish with a slip stitch in the next 2 or 3 stitches to taper at the top

You’ll want to pay attention to the shape as you go, perhaps tightening the clothesline a bit now and then to keep the shape uniform.

Bias Tape: To add the bias tape, simply place it along the top with the rim of the bowl tucked into the fold.  I found it easier to hand-sew the bias tape in place, but if your bowl is large enough, you could machine stitch it in place instead.  When you reach the starting point, simply fold the raw edge of the bias tape under and sew it in place.

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