A Sweater for All Seasons

Raglan Knitted Sweater

We are just rounding one year back in the Midwest after more than a decade in sunny, hot Miami, Florida. Though we’ve been through one winter, and are fairly well-equipped for the really cold weather, we’re still getting our transition weather clothes in place. Fall and spring are so lovely in Michigan, but also a little hard to predict weather-wise. So sweaters that aren’t too heavy, but warm enough if there’s a bit of a chill, are needed.

When my little ones were babies, I was in the habit of knitting them a sweater for each winter season, knowing they would get a little wear for the trip to Grandma and Grandpa’s house in the Midwest. But then things got a little busy, and, well, that tradition had fallen by the wayside. Given how much more wear we will get from these handmade sweaters, now seems a good time to begin again.

I started with the littlest one because I had a great pattern I used for her brother years ago, and just enough of a soft, pretty yarn in my stash. They were a perfect match.
IMG_3576 (683x1024)

The pattern is from Ravelry. It’s not a freebie, but is inexpensive, and given this is my second use of it, a worthwhile investment. I love this pattern, actually, and plan to use it again and again as it is sized for kids up to age 10. Big brother’s sweater this year will come from this pattern as well. It’s a sweet, timeless look for a child’s sweater. I like that the sweater is knit from the top-down, meaning I can slip the work-in-progress over my little one’s head to make sure I have the sizing right before making every stitch.

I will say that I had to frog the neckline four times before I got it right. There’s something about the pattern that makes for a very tight neckline. In the end, I pulled out a crochet hook (size G) and did just one row of single crochet instead of the ribbing the pattern called for. Perhaps I bind off too tightly, but every time the neckline was just too tight to go over her sweet little head.  The row of single crochet worked perfectly.

The yarn I used is Lion Brand Recycled Cotton. I love Lion Brand, and this yarn was really nice to work with. Unfortunately, this particular type of yarn has been discontinued by the company.  There are so many great yarns to choose from, and I think many would work well with this pattern.  Cotton was a perfect weight for the fall season, and hopefully we can pull this out again in the spring for a bit more wear before she outgrows it.